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Buildings are made to be experienced.


How does one capture the human experience of architecture through the medium of film? The solitude of moving through a narrow passage, the joy of arriving at a discovered entrance, these are the moments we as designers seek to craft in our interpretations of the built environment. As architects, we are very good at representing the idea of space. The structure, the organization, the way that buildings are supposed to look and how they are to be assembled. But what about the way that spaces feel? The purpose of the Moving Project is to allow students the opportunity to document the experience of a building or neighborhood. To hold a mirror to the space in order to reveal deeply what is true about it. These films are often passionate, stirring, moving and full of life – exactly the characteristics of some of our most beloved spaces.



Gemma Robinson, Xavier Fox, Juliano Sisera, Milo Mihajlov, Jacob Tersigni, Izzy Mink, Sebastien Lewis, Christopher Law, Melody Ekbatani, Mudabber Chughtai

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