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A small gesture with big results.


The goal of the meditation pods was to create an inclusive and accessible space for the public to experience the benefits of mediation. The pods can support four people, including one person in a wheelchair. Each of the two pods house a pair of headphones that lead the user through a guided meditation. Users can position themselves in a variety of positions, seated, standing or reclined. Portable, private and purpose-driven, the pods help to create a public symbol of accessible meditation education.



Ghalia Alchibani Alnahlawi, Filipe Costa, Sara Ghorban Pour, Gianlorenzo Giannone, Evan Guan, John Juodis, Chloe Lauder, Michelle Liu, Susel Naranjo Vega, Yalda Safar Ali, Sumaiya Sheikh, Maria Angela Viaje, Derrick Wong, Jue Wu

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