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Building is designing.

Without materials, assembly, and craft, we are not architects. Architecture begins when a dream meets a reality. 

In ten days, 17 undergraduate students from the University of Toronto's Daniels Faculty designed and built a shower pavilion for Haliburton Forest's Bone Lake Research Camp — with spaces wet and dry, accessible and private rooms with optional views to the lake beyond. 
The building is not perfect to anyone but us. We can see its flaws, its surprises, and its mistakes. The moments it rang perfectly plumb, and times it betrayed us by one eighth of an inch. With it all, we hope that the experience is greater than the sum of its parts. 


Lucas Siemucha, Athen Go, Augustine Wong, Timothy Fung, Sophia Wagland, Asrin Akar, Ruijie Liu, Yamini Kanwal, Kristianne Cheong, Seine Pak, Jiayi Ding, Farah Ramzi, Yu Li, Jialin Zhong, Mu Tian Lei, Ashley Little, Joshua Helm, Rachael Yu.

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