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This studio is about process. Understanding designing through building and applying lessons to site, team, and materials.

In nine days, ten undergraduate students from the University of Toronto's Daniels Faculty designed and built a small pavilion at the Bone Lake Research Camp located in the Haliburton Forest, on Anishinaabe territory. Daily challenges of materials, methods, and ego were met with optimism and dedication to the unknown. There was no full drawing set — only a stack of trace paper and rough sawn hemlock.

Experiencing construction helps design students to clarify the design practice by offering a comprehensive view of the role of the architect. while in turn working to demystify the overall processes.


Will Klement, Sadi Wali, Hemani Kohli, Nashaat Rahman, Diana Tennier, Abida Rahman, Cameron Guenther, John Wu, Catherine Economopoulos, Song Yuan Wang, Lulin Yan, Elif Sert, Cassandra Santaguida.

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