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Design is what you make of it. 


The Generative Pavilion explores the intersection of modular building materials with computational component design. The goal of “designing a new brick” was suggested. Albeit a tall order, the power of the module was alive. By connecting pre-existing construction systems to generative design, the goal was to produce a working prototype for a component based connecter system that allows the user to build structural, self-supporting forms from generic building materials. Generative Design systems allowed the components to become lighter and more efficiently built, akin to the existing catalogue of standardized construction systems. The process of tacit craft in a space is one of significant importance to the education of a designer. To extend the thought process off the page and into reality demands questions of material, connections, tolerances, durability, portability, scale and mass. The members of the Generative Design studio set out to learn about design through participation in construction. The group started with a handful of options based around materials, program and site. Ultimately, they followed a path that took them closer to a new consideration: detail. 



Anton Skorishchenko, Robert Lee, John Nguyen, Stephen Baik

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